+ themed shoot + cheesesnake ~ the naga king +

Someone's outside the tent...

Go ahead and open it up.

...oh. Hello there.

You're in the territory of the Naga Ruja'a, you know.

Andha Sadangula, and yes, you can be at my service - what? These scars? Oh, we'll talk about them later. I don't want to go into it right now.

I'm being a terrible host, aren't I, taking up all the space.

Just let me...

...get up, here.

There we go.

Mm, much better. I think I felt every vertebrae in my tail crack, there.

Would you like to come in?

Oh, don't be shy.

You can see, there's plenty of room now -

So won't you come and have a seat? -pats the cushion-

- my lap? Well, there isn't much of one, but -

By all means, do make yourself comfortable on it.

Oh, my...

What a delicious thought...

...don't you agree?

© 2009, Atra Materia.

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