+ a resort of last resort +

Andha: Obviously, we did not book with Pricelapedia.

Andha: Actually, it's the house next door. We couldn't even afford to leave the yard.

Andha: When I have something to smile about, maybe I will.

Luphase: You're right in my ear, you know.

Andha: And the tinker-boy has an elbow in your side. Who you gonna hit first?

Dem: Are we playing Twister? 'cause there's a hand on my ass.

Luphase: It's yours. Mine's on the wall.

Andha: Oi! You see how short this kid looks from here?

Andha: Seriously, that's nothing. This angle, it's deceiving.

Andha: We had to find him a box to stand on just so he'd show up in the pictures.

Andha: Well, I've had just about enough of this happy family crap. I'm going inside. Not that it's any better in there.

Andha: Don't you two look nice together, though.

Luphase: I think he's about to fall on me. Help.

Endymion: Come on, just one more!

Luphase: ...oh, alright.

© 2009, Atra Materia.

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